Research Overview

The College of mechanical engineering has four departments of mechanical design and manufacturing, mechanical and electronic engineering, mechanical foundation, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering experimental teaching center, and is in charge of the engineering training center of Chongqing University. At present, there are more than 200 faculty and workers, more than 30 national and provincial level talents, including winners of the national Distinguished Young Scholars fund, distinguished professors of Yangtze River scholars of the Ministry of education, experts of the academic degree committee of the State Council, etc. There are four undergraduate majors in mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electronic engineering, industrial engineering, and robotics Engineering (newly added in 2019). There are nearly 1800 undergraduate students. According to the first level discipline of mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering, doctoral, master's and professional master's students are recruited. There are more than 1100 graduate students in school.

"Mechanical Engineering" is one of the first batch of national key disciplines and the first level of discipline doctoral degree authorization point, which is the national "211 Project" and "985 Project" key construction discipline. It ranked the eighth in the third round of national discipline evaluation, in the top 5% of nearly 200 mechanical engineering discipline points in the country, and in the fourth round of discipline evaluation a -. In 2017, Chongqing University was selected as "double first-class" construction university, and "Mechanical Engineering" became one of the three "double first-class" construction disciplines of the University. It has 7 second level doctoral degree authorization points, 9 master degree authorization points, 2 professional master degree authorization points and 1 post doctoral mobile station.

Relying on the State Key Laboratory of mechanical transmission and Chongqing independent brand automobile collaborative innovation center of "2011 plan", the college has the national engineering teaching base of mechanical foundation, the national experimental teaching demonstration center of mechanical foundation, the national virtual reality simulation teaching center of mechanical foundation and equipment manufacturing, the national characteristic specialty of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, engineering drawing and mechanical original National excellent resource sharing courses for basic experiment of science and machinery, etc.

There are national teaching team of mechanical basic courses, Ministry of education, national defense science and technology innovation team, and Chongqing University Innovation Team of "3D printing additive technology", "advanced manufacturing technology", etc.

There are national specialty "mechanical design and manufacturing and automation", national excellent resource sharing courses such as "Engineering Drawing", "mechanical principle", "mechanical basic experiment", and Chongqing excellent courses such as "mechanical design", "mechanical manufacturing technology foundation", "modern quality engineering", "engineering signal analysis", "gear meshing principle".

In recent years, the college has made a number of significant landmark research results in the main disciplines of "high-performance electromechanical transmission", "design, manufacturing and measurement and control of numerical control equipment", "manufacturing system engineering", "theory and method of mechanical system innovative design". It has undertaken more than 300 provincial and ministerial level and above projects such as the national "863" project, National Science and technology research project, National Natural Science Foundation key project and general project, with a research fund of 500 million yuan; won 6 second prizes of national technology invention and progress in science and technology, more than 40 provincial and ministerial level prizes; 2 national teaching achievement prizes and 2 provincial and ministerial level teaching achievement prizes. More than 400 national invention patents have been granted; more than 2000 papers have been published, more than 300 papers have been included in SCI; 2 excellent doctoral theses have been awarded by Shangyin Machinery Co., Ltd., 8 excellent doctoral theses have been awarded by Chongqing Municipality, and 10 excellent master's theses have been awarded.

The college vigorously carried out international exchanges and cooperation, established close cooperative relations and normalized academic research exchange mechanism with famous foreign universities such as National University of Singapore, Nanyang University of technology of Singapore, Queen Belfast University of England, Coventry University of England, Malaya University of Malaysia, etc., and with National University of Singapore and queen Belfast University of England We have carried out a variety of joint training programs for undergraduate and graduate students in the form of "3 + 1 + 1", "4 + 1", "2 + 2" and "1 + 1 + 1", and set up a double degree course with the University of Bergamo, Italy, which provides a broad platform for exchange at home and abroad.

After more than 80 years of development and construction, the college has formed a complete set of teaching, scientific research and talent training system, constructed a multi-level and multi-type talent training pattern from undergraduate education to master's, doctoral and international student education, and delivered tens of thousands of high-quality mechanical professionals and management talents for the country. They have become the national economic construction and The backbone of social development. The college has become an important base and scientific research center for the training of national mechanical engineering talents, and enjoys a high reputation among peers at home and abroad.