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Q:How to apply for CQU program for foreign students to study in China

A: Please refer to http://study.cqu.edu.cn/HOME/ADMISSION/Overview/Application_Procedure.htm


Q: How can I know if I have been admitted?

A:You can log on the online application system to find out the result of your application after 15 working days

Q: Where can I receive my letter of admission?

A:Official Admission Notice and JW202 Form will be sent to the admitted applicants for Study Visa application.


Q:Dose CQU provide on-campus accommodation?

A: Yes

Q: Do you have the introduction of the on-campus accommodation?

A:Chongqing University has four campuses known as Campus A, B, C and D. The arrangement of accommodation is based on the location of the student's host college. Generally, all undergraduate students live in Campus D, except those who study at the School of Architecture and the Film Academy, which are based in Campus A. Details are as follows: ⑴All undergraduate students (except those of the Film Academy and the School of Architecture), and all students from the Schools of Foreign Languages, Journalism, Software Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics and Physics will be accommodated in Campus D. ⑵Students from other colleges will be accommodated in the Xuelin Hotel or the Songlinpo International Apartment in Campus A. ⑶ the name of your host college is indicated in your Admission Notice; please find your dormitory based on this information.

Q:How to apply for on-campus accommodation?

A:On-campus dormitory rooms available is limited, students can visit the website of the International Student Management Service Platform (http://admission.cqu.edu.cn/) and book rooms through the online application. Alternatively, students may book on-campus housing in advance by filling out the On-campus Housing Application Form (see Attachment 4) and sending it to the International Students Office (ISO) via email(iso@cqu.edu.cn)one month before the University registration date. The ISO will respond to your application as soon as possible.

Q:What should I do if I have questions regarding to the accommodation and the reservation system?

A: Please refer to the International Students Office for help: Tel: 0086-23-65102964/0086-23-65111066;Email: iso@cqu.edu.cn.

Q: Can I bring my family or friends to live with me in my student dorm?

A: It is forbidden to have others stay overnight in student dorms, and there are no such family rooms for you to apply for.


Q: When and where should I do the registration?

A:The time and location will be on your admission notice.