From the Dean

From the Dean


A Warm Welcome to the College of Mechanical Engineering.

The history of the College of Mechanical Engineering (CME) dates back to 1935 and is one of the colleges with the longest history and largest scale at Chongqing University.

Over the years, CME have made significant achievements and produced a range of talented scholars contributing to the rapid growth of China. Our impact, nationally and internationally, has made ourselves known and we have achieved our prestige through China’s “985” and “211” Projects, and more recently, the “Double World-Class” Project.  

Born in Malaysia and spent the previous 21 years in the United Kingdom, I started the role of Executive Dean in September 2017. Given its history, I find the College having a comprehensive breadth of research expertise in mechanical fields with a range of major national grants. As a new executive dean, I developed a series of strategic plans enhancing the existing strengths of the College, from research to teaching, to commercialisation, and to internationalisation. We have formed centres of excellence to build-up our research capability for the future research direction, established STEM facilities and implemented innovative student teaching schemes for the future market, and reshaped our team for the expansion of the College.

Strengthening our international presence is one key focus; we are now working closely with a range of highly ranked universities around the globe, such as National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, University of Edinburgh and Queen’s University Belfast in the United Kingdom, Politecnico di Milano and University of Bergamo in Italy, and the list goes on. To accommodate the rapid growth of our international students’ recruitment, we have launched two 2-year Masters Programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Logistics Engineering for Belt and Road Initiative.     

We are keen to hear from you and explore collaboration channels with you and your institution.

                                                    Professor Dr Ming K Lim

                                 Executive Dean, College of Mechanical Engineering